6 commandments of Industrial

A well curated home borrows from many styles and industrial is a must have addition.

Industrial style, a derivative of the architectural movement known as deconstructionism (pardon the big words, wiki it here) celebrates the un-ornamented functionality of a space. The conversion of once industrial spaces into now functional living allows for the perfect cohabitation of the decorated and the unadorned. Abrupt connections (like when a brick wall meets a wood ceiling without the intrusion of a molding) and the dynamic interactions of motion created when organic shapes meet with more rigid ones are both quintessentially industrial.

More simply said, it’s the combination of the everyday white-painted-exposed-pipe and the raw-concrete floors with comfortable rugs and tailored furniture pieces that create the industrial loft style we love. The idea of industrial, however, is a lot more ubiquitous and applicable than one may assume. Exposed mechanical details like¬†antique lightbulbs and cords can create feel of a found or repurposed space without too much fussing over having, say, exposed brick walls. If you don’t have concrete floors or exposed pipes, rough up your space with unpolished metals, layered jute rugs and one of a kind repurposed vintage finds.

At PlaidFox, we believe a well designed home surprises with every corner. A well curated home borrows from many styles and and industrial is a must have addition.

Down below are a few images to help you incorporate the deconstructed industrial look into your home:

1. concrete floors act as the perfect neutral for any space or color palette


2. emphasise raw functionality in your space with open storage


3. industrial inspired lighting bringing that reused and recycled feel


4. tall lofty ceilings with open beams empathize  uniembelished archetecture


5. exposed brick walls, concrete or even wood (don’t have them? Make some yourself with salvage wood or even faux-brick)


6. black painted window jams help create that stark contrast usually associated with industrial led lined windows







Ben Leavitt
  1. I almost left you a cnomemt yesterday saying….”go with concrete floors”, but then I looked at your pics and decided you were on pier & beam and that wouldn’t work.We have concrete floors THROUGHOUT our downstairs. It’s the best floor I’ve ever had, and we’ve had a lot of them, since hubby is a builder and we live in a house until it sells and then start all over again w/another.It’s warm, inviting, country…absolutely the best for maintenance. You will love it. Our house theme is red, white & blue, so our floor is red…barn red.GO FOR IT! You’ll love it.

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