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Aiming to kick childhood cancer where it hurts.

We are proud to announce our involvement with the Vancouver based Kick-for-a-Cure charity soccer tournament taking place next weekend, July 12th, at Coquitlam Town Centre. We will be sponsoring and happily manning (and wo-manning) the silent auction tent, where we have donated several pieces. So what’s Kick-for-a-Cure all about and why are we involved?

In addition to delivering a uniquely interesting line of products and providing notes on artful living, we at PlaidFox are committed to using our collective talents and abilities to improve the lives of the less fortunate. That’s why, from day 1, we are a “double-net bottom line company,” which is our financial peoples’ way of saying that we will always contribute a portion of our profits to charity.

So what is Kick-for-A-Cure? In the most basic sense, it’s a charity soccer tournament (and family-friendly party) happening next weekend, July 12th, which raises awareness about and money for the fight against childhood cancer. At the sports complex of Coquitlam Town Centre you’ll find the 6 vs 6 soccer tournament (with multiple age categories for kids and adults), sports celebrities putting their signatures to various things and hanging out, live entertainment (of both the musical and zoological varieties), great food, a beer garden, and a silent auction (proudly manned by the PlaidFox team).

kick for the cure adults tournament

Why are we so proud to be involved with this charity (besides it being good fun for a great cause)? Here’s a letter from one of our company founder’s that expresses, rather touchingly I might add, exactly why we are donating our time and resources to help a charity like this:

“Not long ago, I awoke in the middle of the night to hear my daughter struggling in her crib. As I entered her room, I noticed her face completely swollen with both eyes partially shut. Whimpering from the discomfort, she held onto me tightly as I took her to the hospital. While it was nothing more than a minor allergic reaction, I felt a sense of worry and concern of what I’d do if something really serious were to happen to her, and for many parents that is their reality.

On November 27, 2007, Maria and Nuvin Runghen had to hear the doctor diagnose their son, Dominic, with ALL Leukemia Type T Cancer. As this family isn’t one to concede defeat, they resolved to beat this, and help others beat it in the future. Being only two years old at the time, treatment took a different path, but after hundreds of hospital visits, and support from loved ones Dominic walked out of BC Children’s hospital on March 27, 2011 cancer free. Unlike many of his friends he developed on the way, he was free to live his life like a normal kid obsessed with soccer and hockey.

Kick For A Cure (KFAC) was born in August of 2008 with the purpose of raising funds and awareness of childhood cancer hoping to play a role in finding a cure, not just more treatment. In addition to this, KFAC raises funds to support cancer-struck families who may not have the financial means to properly care for their children. Many do not realize the intense financial strain this disease can bring upon the affected families. Several must travel from afar to receive adequate care and must take time off work, pay for medication, therapy and more.

Throughout the year, several first-class events are put on to support the cause, and we are proud to say we will be sponsoring the Kick For A Cure Soccer Fest held at Town Centre in Coquitlam on July 12. There will be soccer tournaments, raffles, silent auctions, and even a chance to meet members of the Vancouver Whitecaps. So, join with us and thousands of others as we work towards putting an end to childhood cancer and having a little fun in the process.”

kick for the cure kids tournament

Working with Kick-for-a-cure is a great honor for all of us here at PlaidFox and especially rewarding for those with children of our own. So if you’re in the area next weekend and want to come check out a great family-friendly event for a superb cause, come kick it with us (pun-so-intended) at the Coquitlam Town Centre sports complex (see map here).

Saturday, July 12th, 2014 from 8am – 6pm

Coquitlam Town Centre
1290 Pipeline Road
Coquitlam, BC

Eli Chamberlin

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