DIY To Try: Potato Stamped Throw Pillows

"Remember in JK when you'd make paintings with potatoes? Turns out there was a major life take away from that lesson."

Doesn’t it just puzzle you when you go out shopping and you think you’re looking for the most basic thing but you can’t seem to find it anywhere? That has been me for the past year looking for black and white throw pillows. Who would have thought they’d be so hard to come by? It’s not to say they don’t exist but nothing was catching my eye at a price I felt good about.

After too many shopping trips left me empty handed, I decided to try a little DIY project instead. I found two white canvas pillow cases (with inserts) at Ikea for something like $14 and figured I could just paint a black pattern on. Why the heck not? A quick trip to my local craft store to pick up fabric paint and I was well on my merry way to making my B&W dreams come true.

You don’t really need much for this project and the cost is super low. And yes that is a potato and no it’s not for a mid-craft snack. Remember in Kindergarten when you’d make stamps from potatoes and use them to do paintings? Well turns out there was a major life take away from that curriculum.

I carved out a cross design in one potato and a triangle out of the other. Geometric shapes are kind of my jam these days. With a ruler I measured out how far apart I wanted each line of pattern to be and used masking tape to create a guide. This served more as a general aid because it ended up being pretty hard to control where the potato was actually going to land. With a sponge brush I applied paint directly to the potato (rather than dipping) then held my breath, stamped down and hoped for the best. To keep the pattern looking consistent I reapplied paint after each print.

I have a bit of a bad habit of rushing through projects (I’m kinda impatient like that) which usually results in at least one major eff-up. I’m happy to report that no loud expletives were shouted in the making of this project.

Once you let the pillows dry (roughly 4 hours) you just have to set it with your iron (read the directions on your fabric paint though because it could vary). This whole project took me no time at all to complete and I’m super happy with the result!

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Allessia Imbrogno

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