Get Schooled: find that missing piece.

It's time to transform your boring space with a great light.

There’s something missing above your dining room table. But what?

The answer is drama. Most likely above your table is a dated, convex, semi-opaque pendant, or as I like to call them the dead fly holder. Perhaps there is no glass at all and a boring brass or chrome chandelier looms over your table like a hideous cold beast. Even if your house is brand new, most likely the light above your table is lack-luster and pathetic. People readily invest in perishables, items that quickly fade with trend and become disposable such as pillows, electronics and a slew of other must-have right-nows. All the while, the fixture above your dining space will likely outlive most things in your home. Even your sofa will eventually kick the bucket but the light will still be there shining bright.


So let’s be real, transform your boring space with a great light, here are some tips when searching for your home’s new diamond necklace.

  1. If it seems too big it’s probably perfect, design is all about drama so don’t shy away from size.
  2. If you’re lucky enough to also have pot lights, a more artful, less bright chandlier can work perfectly.
  3. If you require your chandelier to be your primary source of light, exposed bulbs or chandeliers with a white shade will help warm the space.
  4. Colorless silver or chrome are the least attractive and most commonly used metals in chandeliers. Seeking out gold, iron, antique bronze, copper, etc, will yield a more striking result.
  5. Depending on the length of your table, pendants hung in multiples can also be a great way to break away from the traditional, standalone lighting fixture
  6. A ceiling medallion can be very modern when used appropriately and with a more simple light. Paint it a fun color it can easily make your home feel more on trend
  7. Big-box is not your friend. If it comes with a grocery cart and sells sandwiches or burgers in the entryway, most likely your not going to wow your guests with your originality. Big-box stores have major buying power so prices are tempting but when it comes to the diamond necklace of your home it’s worth it to take a chance and try something new





Ben Leavitt

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