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We've found a space in Amsterdam which is the pinnacle of perfect home curation.

At PlaidFox, one of our main tenets is to help people create spaces that are reflections of who they are. While we offer up style-tests and carefully categorize all our products according to them, we ultimately know that people cannot be permanently pigeonholed into any singular style. As such, we think spaces deserve to be as dynamic as the people who inhabit them. While your home should have an organized flow and pieces should “go” together, of equal importance is creating a collection or well-curated home that is reflection of all your unique tastes, interests, and experiences. So how do we do this without turning our home into claustrophobic curio-cabinet exhibiting all your inner workings?

We’ve found a space in Amsterdam which is the pinnacle of perfect home curation. Full of curiosities, unique furniture pieces, and stacked with art, the loft apartment feels museum-like in its collection but still incredibly livable and also rather functional. So how did they pull it off? How can they have a motorcycle in the entryway, a model airplane in the living room and a tub standing readily in the center of it all, without it feeling like an indoor scrap heap? We had our interior-designer-in-residence Ben Leavitt break down some of what’s going on here so that you might recreate it with your own growing collection of unique pieces.

  1. Despite all the different elements and pieces, the space itself actually has a rigid, symmetrical floor plan. The living room is a symmetrical square space anchored by a rug and is offset by the dining area across the room. The sleeping area is segmented by the post and anchored by a large wall piece. There is order to the chaos.
  2. Having high ceilings and keeping the pieces rather low creates clean sight lines, which makes the space feel open and accessible even with so much in it.
  3. Having the walls bright and neutral creates a gallery like feel, allowing pieces to stand out and be celebrated.
  4. There is a strong mix of eras, shapes, and colors but it all falls into a neutral, muted, and balanced palette. When there are pops of color, they are surrounded by neutrals.
  5. It is curated, not merely collected. What do I mean by this? A collection is simply an aggregation of all your things, while a curation shows some intention to juxtapose and create interesting connections between elements that one would not normally see or make











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Ben Leavitt

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