It pays (less) to be a Trade Member

You’ll be scratching our backs, so shouldn’t we scratch yours?

Tried to create an account recently? Then maybe you’ve noticed that this August marks the roll-out of our new trade-member program. So, if you’re an interior designer, architect, contractor, or fellow retailer, you can now register as a trade member to receive a discount off of all PlaidFox products.

Why? Well, first off, we are trade-members ourselves. A lot of us are former wholesale industry types while the rest of us are (or have been) involved in the interior design community for some years now. Also, we believe that putting our products in the hands of talented professionals will help inspire our regular customers to use our products in imaginative new ways. In other words, you’ll be scratching our backs, so shouldn’t we scratch yours?

Who is a “trade-member”?

Any person involved in home-furnishings on a professional level. This would include (but is not limited to): interior designers and decorators, architects, contractors and developers, and those involved with relevant media outlets (such as home furnishing magazines or high-profile blogs). Not sure if you qualify? Shoot us an email at and we’ll help you out.

What are the benefits of registering as a trade member?

Other than receiving a flat discount on all PlaidFox product, your trade member account will serve as your personal project database. You will be able file damage claims, create selections, and pull new and old invoices alike. Also, tools such as the style test will help you work with your clients and have you delivering exactly what they are looking for every single time.

What is the approval process so I can receive a discount?

When you choose the option to create a trade member account, the registration process will prompt you for both your business name and tax ID number. Once your information is submitted, your account will be created but you will not receive your discount until one of our team members approves your account. These approvals will happen regularly throughout the day, but if you need access to your discount immediately, you can call us at 1.800.249.9079 to speed things up.

Haven’t registered yet?

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Have any more questions? Email us at or comment below.

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