The guest room: your own private design-lab

mix color, texture, and period pieces to create a perfectly curated space

As the holiday season approaches, so does the ever taxing task of presenting our perfectly-polished-pad to out-of-town guests and judgmental party goers. We know at PlaidFox that our readers are the epitome of all that is fashionable and chic. We are the envy of our friends and family embers and our houses are the same. We understand that our home is not a shlumpy, overstuffed palace of neutrals and leather. We mix color, texture, and period pieces to create a perfectly curated home. Or at least that’s what we tell ourselves.

So, whether that’s true or not, at the very least we all take pride in our homes. No matter how big or small they may be. This holiday season, share your love of decorating with those coming to stay by giving the oft-forgotten guest room a quick refresh. Follow our easy, fashion-forward guest room tips below to avoid having a neglected, unappetizing,  “shlumpy” guest room.

1. Remember this is a room rarely used, so go nuts. The cheapest way to do this? Paint.

  • Paint the ceiling and the walls the same color for a look that is both bold and sleep-inducing, perfect for cold winter nights
  • Stripes are easy to do with a little help from frog tape,  and much easier and more cost effective than wallpaper. (check out our blog post on paint-lines for more)
  • A simple feature wall behind the headboard can add dimension to the room without much effort.



2. Keep the bed, change the bedding

  • New bedding can be as dramatic as a new haircut. We’ve all seen someone cry at the salon haven’t we…..luckily you can change your bedding a lot easier than fried hair.
  • Mix and match your bedding (because if it came in an “everything included” bag you should probably return it.)
  • The power of great pillows can elevate even the most bland bed spread. 3 should be your minimum
  • Make your sheets say something. As always, we believe bold is best, so have fun and play with pattern and color.
  • A throw at the foot of a bed really acts as the crowning jewel. It can also help create cohesion with the multiple patterns or add a bold stoke if you’ve played it safe and went with neutrals.



3. Lamps, sconces, or pendants

  • This really depends on the size of your space but now days the lighting in a room says a lot about the skills of the designer. Whether you’re bold or subtle, pay attention to the lamps and remember “good enough” is not good enough for you!



4. A little chair can say a lot

  • A simple chair in the corner can make the room seem more than just a place to sleep, (for instance it’s a good place to cry over family feuds)
  • A replica Eames chair can be a perfect modern touch no matter your style, add a sheepskin to help create a more soft and plush vibe.



5. Whether you have carpet, concrete, or wood a rug is like art for your floor.

  • Shag rug to help create a soft and effortless bedroom experience
  • Most of the pattern is hidden under the bed so sometimes a bold block of color is your best bet.
  • A cow hide is our personal favorite and layers well on any surface, including carpet.
  • A simple sheepskin runner can soften the cold floor in the morning as well reflect light and brighten the room (note: white in a room acts like a mirror and bounces light, making the room seem larger. This is perfect for a basement room.)



6. Basement bliss, embrace the cave and make the room a sleepers dream.

  • Often more quite than the rest of the house, the basement guest room can give much needed privacy and space. No windows, No problem. Decide if you want to embrace the darkness with dark hues and moody tones or reject the obvious and make it a light bright and airy space worthy of the beloved top floor.
  • A white or neutral basement room can feel airy and fresh despite the lack of window or natural light.
  • A semi-sexy cave feeling can be created with dark colors and natural tones, think about making it into a place to hibernate rather than congregate.



But oh, the possibilities….



Ben Leavitt

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