The Weekender: Spice up your home for Fall

There is no real “science” to how much of each ingredient. I just get it going and add to it until I get my desired scent.

A little while back I had a conversation with a friend who casually dropped how terrible air fresheners were for you (and your home and the environment) and how she’d taken to making her own. I, of course, pretended to agree knowingly and then made a mental note to hide my aerosol can of Febreeze the next time she came over.

But, much like how “cotton laundry drying in a warm breeze” lingers around way longer than it probably should, her comment stuck with me and I began doing my own research. There is a ton to be said about why this modern household item shouldn’t be used but this was how my brain processed the information:

Chemicals are bad. You shouldn’t inhale chemicals. Duh. Air fresheners are made up of chemicals. Air fresheners are chemicals meant to make the air you inhale smell better. 

And that was pretty much all it took. The next step was to figure out what my friend meant by “I make my own” because hey – I like a nice smelling house as much as the next person. As it turns out it’s ridiculously easy and pretty much boils down (literally) to throwing some delicious spices and fruit into a pot of water. Of course the other natural way to do it is to have a steady stream of baked goods coming in and out of your oven… I won’t protest that method. Since Fall is the most deliciously smelling time of year (apple and cinnamon and pumpkin, oh my!) I thought I’d share my favourite, natural, Fall-inspired home freshening recipe that’ll spice up your house for the season.


  • Apple slices
  • Orange (with peel)
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Cloves
  • All Spice
  • Cinnamon Sticks
  • Water


Directions: It’s really as easy as throwing all those things into a pot and letting it simmer on the stove for as long as you like. There is no real “science” to how much of each ingredient. I just get it going and add to it until I get my desired scent. You can keep this going for hours just be sure to keep adding water to the pot so it doesn’t dry out. If you’re headed out or have had enough for the day you can let the mixture cool, put it in a jar (with the liquid) and store it in the fridge to use a few more time. It’ll keep like this for about a week. If you want to continue making natural air fresheners throughout the year experiment with different fruits (citrus works best) and spices! Lemon, lavender and rosemary are just a few awesome ingredients to work with. Let us know what your favourite scented combination is!


Allessia Imbrogno

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