Trend Time: Mid-century Mixology

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"This design style subtly accentuates each piece without ever trying too hard"

Mid-century is modernism’s nostalgic, but equally smooth, half-brother. This transitional modern movement originally brought the urban aesthetic right into suburban living. And lately, after several Pinterest pinning binges, I’ve noticed a rebirth of this stripped-down, streamlined yet equally playful style. The trend is re-adapting three important mid-century concepts:

  1. Create feelings of openness through simple, light forms (think spindly legs and narrow sideboards).
  2. Experiment with the art of styling (mix and matching furniture, decor, patterns and colors).
  3. Keep it natural and be inspired by organic, curvaceous shapes as well as raw wood finishes.

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Essentially, it is because of these three mantras that I’ve come to admire the soft-spoken confidence of mid-century styling (like a sly, eclectic coolness that never takes itself too seriously). Known for its medleys of warm tones, characteristic smooth lines, geometric shapes and natural woods, this design style subtly accentuates each piece without ever trying too hard. Every element seems out of place in the most meaningful way and it’s that embracement of oddity that makes it so charming.

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I was just itching to style my picture-perfect mid-century room. Inspired by these two show-stopping mid-century spaces, I collected seven fun pieces for my dream palm-springs-modern-retro-throwback living room (I think I have a hyphen addiction.)


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