Trend Time: The New Bohemian Wave

Bohemian decor allows you to indulge all your experimental-design-compulsions at once

Bohemian decor is universally loved for its intrinsic sense of comfort, charming boldness and artistic ubiquity. In fact, bohemian decor allows you to indulge all your experimental design compulsions at once by mixing together tapestries, eclectic patterns, layers, textiles, and colors. Though the idea of combining so many different design elements in one space can seem kind of intimidating, (you could, after all, get lost in a sea of eclectic treasures) there are 5 tips to remember when designing your own boho-haven:

  1. Find the quiet, visual space in the room and utilize it. For example, white walls are a perfect blank canvas for bright textiles; together, they create a vibrant yet balanced space. Clean lines and neutral palettes allow accent pieces in all shapes and colors to shine without being overpowered.
  2. This is no place to be shy.  Bohemian decor is full of personality, so put your collectibles and favorite statement pieces on display. It is important to reference what inspires you (be it a handmade quilt, a cool print or travel souvenir) in order to keep the space authentic. 
  3. Be adventurous in your styling choices. Embrace unexpected pairings as they often add dimension and depth to any space (imagine a geometric print styled with a floral).
  4. Go bold on the floor, and try layering rugs. Use bohemian as an opportunity to play with different textiles, like sheepskin or a natural wool. Layering also adds warmth to any space and allows you the freedom to experiment with placement, coverage and patterns.
  5. Keep the rhythm of the space in mind and try not to over-think it.  Bohemian is known for its unfettered style and footloose feel, and that’s for a reason! The relaxed nature of bohemian should translate through the decor itself. The trick is to be open-minded when mixing and styling (imagine the hard-lines of a mid-century credenza paired with a bright, Moroccan-inspired pendant lamp).

So round up your favorite trinkets, antiques and alley-finds, because your new, eclectic bohemian paradise awaits!

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