Weekender: Deceptively easy DIY Marble Cake Stands

This project couldn't be easier and it comes just in time for the indoor entertaining season.

As a city (read: tiny) apartment dweller, hosting a fancy holiday dinner is a tradition that will have to wait until my fiancé and I can upgrade our digs.

But we still love having friends over! And since even small soirees deserve a few special touches, this year I’m showcasing our party food on a pair of elegant, deceptively easy DIY Marble Hexagon Cake Stands.

I’ve been hooked on the hexagon trend for a while now, and the combination with marble makes it both classic and just plain yummy.


Since I couldn’t find anything in stores that combined both these elements in an affordable-to-me package, I turned to DIY and sourced the supplies instead. After a little searching, I found these beautiful 10″ hexagon marble tiles from Tile Bar (is that a great name or what?). It was an amazing score, because:

+ they are sold individually

+ shipping is fast and FREE (they also ship to the U.S. and Canada!)

+ the tiles are GORGEOUS and ready to be used for a cake stand DIY right out of the box!

This project couldn’t be easier. Want to make your own? Here’s what you’ll need:

Step One: With the tile upside-down, use the ruler to find the center, then trace the candle holder so you know where to apply the glue.

Step Two: Following the directions for your particular glue, apply glue to either the tile, the candle holder, or both (this will vary depending on the brand of glue).

Step Three: Put the candle holder in place and hold it firmly for a few minutes. You can also place a stack of heavy books on top to keep it from sliding around before the glue has dried.

Once the glue has cured for the time specified on the package, you’re all set! Invite your friends over to admire your beautiful new serving pieces!



It doesn’t take much to elevate your hangouts from mundane to posh—here I set our coffee table with a simple black fabric runner (psst: it’s not even hemmed!), flowers and greenery, mis-matched white bowls and plates, candles in all sizes, and, of course, the cake stands. Fancy holiday hosting achieved!

What DIY touches do you like to add to your parties?


Marlene Sauer

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