Get Schooled: How to cowhide with confidence

If you’re wary of using cowhides in your home for fear of making your space into a “cowboy chic” or “country casual” cliche, let me give you some tips and facts about my most beloved floor covering.

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Ben Leavitt
Get Schooled: find that missing piece.

There’s something missing above your dining room table. But what?

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Ben Leavitt
Weekender: Deceptively easy DIY Marble Cake Stands

As a city (read: tiny) apartment dweller, hosting a fancy holiday dinner is a tradition that will have to wait until my fiancé and I can upgrade our digs.

But we still love having friends over! And since even small soirees deserve a few special touches, this year I’m showcasing our party food on a pair of elegant, deceptively easy DIY Marble Hexagon Cake Stands.

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Marlene Sauer
Host a Fall Listening Night (playlist included!)

The fog’s rolling in, there’s a bite in the air, and it’s getting more and more difficult finding the motivation to go out at night. Put on your party shoes only to slosh through puddles? No thanks. All you really want to do is cozy up with a blanket or two, a warm drink, and some good music.

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Erin Poettcker
Trend Time: The New Bohemian Wave

Bohemian decor is universally loved for its intrinsic sense of comfort, charming boldness and artistic ubiquity. In fact, bohemian decor allows you to indulge all your experimental design compulsions at once by mixing together tapestries, eclectic patterns, layers, textiles, and colors. 

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Paulina Kay

Coming soon.